October 25, 1977, the DEC company launches the VAX computer.

On this day (October 25), 1977, in the United States, the company Digital Equipment Corporation launches the VAX computer.
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was founded in 1957 by two engineers (Ken Olsen and Harlan Anderson) who had worked at MIT on a computer called the TX-2.
An investor (George Doriot) provided the company with its first capital of $60,000 and it was installed in an old woolen mill in Maynard, Massachusetts, which was used as a base until 1992.
In the 1960s, DEC began building computers called PDPs that rivaled the great IBM computers of the time.
One of these models, the PDP-8, is considered to be the first microcomputer.
The VAX computer was the successor to the PDP-11 and was the first commercial 32-bit architecture minicomputer. A remarkable milestone in the history of computing that quickly ended up winning the minicomputer market.
As a curiosity to mention that DEC was the first company to send unwanted mail or "spam" to the ArpaNet network (the network before the Internet), in 1978 in order to promote the DEC-20.
- Let's create a computer
- good! what will it be called?
- Orange VAX?
- how?
- or crystal VAX?
- what?
- because VAX orange writes fine and VAX crystal writes normal
- But...who are you?
- I came to buy a car
- That's upstairs
- oh, thanks

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