April 25, 1874, Guillermo Marconi, electronic engineer, was born in Bologna.

On this day (April 25), 1874, Guillermo Marconi, electronic engineer, was born in Bologna
Guillermo Marconi is known as one of the most prominent promoters of long-distance radio transmission, for the establishment of Marconi's law, as well as for the development of a telegraphy system wireless (TSH) or radiotelegraphy.
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857) experimentally demonstrated, in 1880, that electromagnetic waves can travel through free air and vacuum, as James Clerk Maxwell< had predicted. t21> and Michael Faraday, building himself a wave emitter and receiver in his laboratory.
From the demonstrations of Hertz (who did not see much practical use in it) they began to study whether these electromagnetic waves had any practical use.
At just 20 years old, in 1894 the young Marconi started working in his family home in Italy and was able to develop a device that transmitted and received electromagnetic radiation without the need for cables.
This invention was not appreciated in Italy but in England where he would receive the world's first patent for a device for wireless telegraphy in 1896.
Little by little, his experiments were carried out with longer distances until he reached the first transatlantic transmission in 1901.
Also the use of his technology was adopted in various ways, both civil and military. His name became world famous as a result of radio's role in saving hundreds of lives during the Republic (1909) and Titanic disasters. (1912). If the radio transmission of distress messages by the injured ships, no other ship would have come to the rescue quickly.
As a curiosity to mention that in 1909 Guillermo Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics together with Carl Ferdinand Braun in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
- Marconi, what is this piece of iron?
- is an antenna
- and this "antenna", is it useful for anything?
- to receive and send electromagnetic waves
- electropathetic waves?
- electromagnetic
- electropathetics?
- nooooo... electromagnetic
- well, whatever. And why do you need to send those things?
- because it is used to send data over the airwaves
- it's a very big progress
- now... can you hear me?
- see? you don't need those waves... leave that and come to dinner...

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