May 24, 1686, Daniel G. Fahrenheit was born in Danzig, today Gdansk (present-day Poland).

On this day (May 24), 1686, Daniel G. Fahrenheit was born in Danzig, today Gdansk (present-day Poland).
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was a physicist, engineer and glass blower, famous among other things for having developed the mercury thermometer and the Fahrenheit temperature scale.
Fahrenheit traveled around Europe studying and then settled in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), at that time one of the main centers for the manufacture of scientific instruments, where he worked as a glass blower. There he began to develop precision instruments creating the water (1709) and mercury (1714) thermometers.
In 1717 he published in Acta Editorum his investigations of him proposing a new scale for the measurement of temperatures.
The lowest temperature was achieved by preparing a cooling mixture of ice, water and a salt ("ammonium chloride or even sea salt"), and waiting for the eutectic system to reach the equilibrium temperature.. The thermometer was then placed in the mixture and the liquid in the thermometer was allowed to drop to its lowest point. The thermometer reading there was 0°F.
The second reference point was selected as the thermometer reading when placed in still water when ice was forming on the surface. This was assigned 30°F .
The third calibration point, taken as 90°F, was selected as the thermometer reading when the instrument was placed under the arm or in the mouth.
As a curiosity to comment that the Fahrenheit scale was the main temperature standard for climatic, industrial and medical purposes in English-speaking countries until the 1970s, today replaced by the Celsius scale used for a long time in the rest of the world, apart from the United States, where temperatures and weather reports are still issued in Fahrenheit.
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- It's not very hot today
- I think it will be 22 degrees
- can be
- 22
- what if
- 22, 22, 22...
- what if
- 22, 22, 22...
- but why do you say it singing, dancing and clapping?
- because you have more thanks
- well it gives me a headache
- and do you know what would happen if it went up a grade?
- what would happen?
- would be 23 degrees
- 23
- 23, 23, 23...
- for , please

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