February 24, 1871, The Descent of Man, by Charles Darwin, is published.

On this day (February 24), 1871, the book The Origin of Man, by Charles Darwin, is published.
Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, February 12, 1809 and was an English naturalist.
Charles Darwin Almost 12 years after the publication of The Origin of Species, he publishes the book The Origin of Man.
In The Descent of Man, Darwin applies the theory of evolution of natural selection to human evolution, emphasizing the importance of sexual selection. In addition, the book addresses many other aspects of evolutionary psychology, evolutionary ethics, differences between the different races of human beings, as well as the dominant role of women in the choice of mating partners.
According to Darwin, man evolved from a hairy quadruped with a tail that probably lived in trees. Millions of years ago there were no humans and the closest thing to us were the primates since they had 5 fingers on their hands and feet, the opposable thumb, the eyes in front of the face, they could flex the trunk and they had a brain larger than Other animals.
There were many species of primates. some evolved into the species australopithecus which is considered to be the first hominid ancestor of man. Later they continued to evolve with the homo habilis that already handled tools and walked more upright. Followed by homo erectus who looked more like modern man and walked completely upright. neanderthal man lived in Europe and Asia and was more sociable; he hunted in a group and buried his deceased. Evolution has finally reached Homo Sapiens.
Darwin argued that changes take place over very long periods of time and in this process, the individuals best adapted to the environment survive by bequeathing their characteristics to their children. This is called "natural selection".
As a curiosity to comment on what Charles Darwin, at the end of his book, tells us what is the main conclusion regarding the origin of man:
"The main conclusion here reached, and now supported by many naturalists who are well competent to form a sound judgment, is that man descends from some highly less organized form. The grounds on the on which this conclusion rests will never shudder, for the close resemblance between man and the lower animals in embryonic development, as well as in innumerable points of structure and constitution, both of great and minor importance (the rudiments he retains and the anomalous reversions to to which he is occasionally prone) are incontestable facts."
----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
- have you read Darwin's latest book?
- it's very interesting
- and what does it say?
- that we are descended from primates
- but what have you done to him?
- what have I done?
- man, you must have done something to Darwin to make him write that you descend from monkeys
- like "you"?
- that's what you said
- I said "we" .. We!
- well that; "you"
- no... "we" humans... you too!
- I am descended from the monkey!
- you and the other humans
- that damn Darwin says that I descend from humans!
- yes, yes, calm down, calm down...
- this is an outrage! on the street! let's show up!
- Calm down, don't get upset... where are you going?
- I'm not a monkey!... no!... I'm not a monkey! ... no!...

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