On August 24, 1852, John Russell Hind discovered asteroid number 18.

On this day (August 24), 1852, John Russell Hind discovered asteroid number 18, named Melpomene.
John Russell Hind was born in Nottingham on May 2, 1823, he was an astronomer from the United Kingdom.
As an astronomer he was at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, George Bishop's private observatory and the Nautical Almanac which is a publication containing astronomical information used for maritime navigation.
he was one of the earliest discoverers of asteroids. Among the discovered asteroids is number 18 (Melpomene).
Melponeme is a Greek muse of the theater. She also appears by her name in some legends as the mother of the sirens.
Melpomene (number 18) is an asteroid belonging to the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is a circumstellar disk in the solar system that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Melpomene is located at a mean distance of 2.295 astronomical units from the Sun. Its eccentricity is 0.2189 and the orbital inclination is 10.13°. It takes 1270 days to complete one orbit around the Sun.
- Tell me something nice
- You are as beautiful as Melpomene
- the Greek goddess?
- best
- better?
- Melpomene, the asteroid
- Today you sleep on the sofa

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