November 23, 1992, the first IBM Simon Smartphone

On this day (November 23), 1992, the first IBM Simon Smartphone is presented at COMDEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The IBM Simon Personal Communicator is a mobile phone manufactured by IBM and distributed by BellSouth, it is considered the first smartphone in history, on mobile phones, it also worked as a PDA.
BellSouth Celular sold approximately 50,000 units of the product during six months before the market. The cell phone became popular among businessmen who wanted a portable phone that could double as a mini computer. But its high price and limited battery life contributed to its early disappearance from the market, just two years after its launch.

How is a cell phone from 20 years ago like the iPhone4?

The IBM Simon had a calendar, a function to take notes, send e-mails and messages, all this combined with a cell phone.

Today it looks like a brick, but this pioneering cell phone that could also connect to a fax is one of the great predecessors of today's smartphones.

At 500 grams, the IBM Simon wasn't exactly a featherweight.

In other parameters, almost two decades of technological innovations have left abysmal differences. Continuing the comparison with the iPhone 4, Simon's memory of 1 megabyte is paltry compared to the 16 or 32 gigabytes of the iPhone 4, which went on sale four years ago.

The battery only lasted an hour, the phone cost $899, and there was no portable internet connection back then.

Technology has evolved considerably in just a few years.

Out of curiosity, we currently spend more time browsing the web on mobile devices than on desktop computers.

-------------------------------------------- --------------------------
- but what is that?
- a phone
- looks like a gun
- a gun?
- yes, you throw this at someone, you break a bone
- Well, it wasn't the idea
- What's the idea then?
- well, a smartphone where you can save your agenda and be able to talk on the phone at the same time
- very smart doesn't it seem
- it is
- doesn't look like
- Shall I throw it at you?
- ....mmmm.... how smart he seems, yes...

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