August 23, 1769, Georges Cuvier was born.

On this day (August 23), 1769, Georges Cuvier, a French naturalist, was born in Montbéliard, Holy Roman Empire. He was the first scientist to propose that the extinction of the dinosaurs was due to a natural catastrophe.
he was the first great promoter of comparative anatomy and paleontology
comparative anatomy is the discipline in charge of studying the similarities and differences in the anatomy of organisms.
Paleontology is the natural science that studies and interprets the past of life on Earth through fossils.
Based on his knowledge of comparative anatomy, Cuvier was the first naturalist to classify the animal kingdom from a structural or morphological point of view.
In his most important work "The Animal Kingdom Distributed from its Organization" which appeared in four volumes in 1817, Cuvier argued that animals should be grouped into four structural plans of organization : vertebrates, molluscs, articulated and radiated.
On the other hand, Cuvier played a crucial role in the development of paleontology. Thanks to the correlation principle he was able to reconstruct the complete skeletons of fossil animals.
- according to my studies, the dinosaurs became extinct due to a natural catastrophe
- of course, because they were all from one sect
- like a cult?
- yes, the leader of the dinosaurs said:"brothers, the earth is ending, drink the brew of liberation"
- what?
- and it was a poison that killed all the dinosaurs
- do you want to make fun of me?
- no... well... yes... a little....

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