On December 22, 1666, the Academy of Sciences is founded in Paris, the work of Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

On this day (December 22), 1666, the Academy of Sciences was founded in Paris, the work of Jean-Baptiste Colbert.
Jean-Baptiste Colbert born August 29, 1619 was a French statesman who served as Prime Minister of State from 1661 until his death in 1683 under the rule of King Louis. XIV .
The Academy of Sciences originated from Colbert's plan to create a general academy. He chose a small group of academics who met on December 22, 1666 in the King's library, near the current Bibliothèque Nationals , and then held working meetings there twice per week in the two rooms assigned to the group.
It was at the forefront of scientific developments in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, and is one of the first Academies of Sciences . From 1795 to 1914, the First World War, the French Academy of Sciences was the most predominant organization of French science.
Today, the Academy is one of the five academies that make up the Institut de France . Its members are elected for life. Currently, there are 150 full members, 300 corresponding members and 120 foreign associates.
The Academy is divided into two scientific groups:
1) the Mathematical Sciences and Physics and your applications
2) the Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Geological and Medical and their applications.
The Academy currently has five missions it pursues:
a) the promotion of scientific life,
b) the promotion of science teaching,
c) the transmission of knowledge between scientific communities,
d) the promotion of international collaborations
e) the guarantee of a double role of experience and advice.
As a curiosity to note that the first woman admitted as a correspondent member was a student of Curie, Marguerite Perey, in 1962. The first woman full member was Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat in 1979.
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- I have a problem
- tell me
- I have made a report about a new item
- and?
- well I don't know where I can explain it
- wow, that's a problem
- what if I explain it in the square?
- it's not very serious
- well tell me
- what if we founded an Academy of Sciences?
- oysters! What a great idea!
- say yes!
- another round?
- of course!

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