Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier was born on March 21, 1768, he was a mathematician and physicist who created the Fourier series.

On this day (March 21), 1768, Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier was born, he was a mathematician and physicist who created the Fourier series.
Fourier was orphaned at the age of 9 but thanks to having a blessed ancestor he was able to be educated by the Benedictine Order of the Convent of San Marcos.
In his career he worked as a mathematician at the Polytechnic school in Paris and participated in Napoleon Bonaparte's expedition to Egypt as a scientific adviser.
his scientific works can be divided into three parts;

The Analytic Theory of Heat

In 1822, Fourier published his work on the flow of heat in Théorie analytique de la chaleur ( The analytical theory ).

Fourier claimed that any function of one variable, whether continuous or discontinuous, can be expanded into a series of sines of multiples of the variable. This result is not correct without additional conditions, but Fourier's observation that some discontinuous functions are the sum of infinite series was a breakthrough. This work provides the basis for what is now known as the Fourier transform.

Real roots of polynomial

This work contains much original material, in particular, Fourier's theorem on real roots of polynomials , published 1820.

Description of the greenhouse effect

Fourier suggested that the Earth's atmosphere might act as an insulator of some kind. It is widely recognized as the first proposal for what is now known as the greenhouse effect (although Fourier never called it that).

One of his best-known phrases is:

„The profound study of nature is the most fertile source of mathematical discoveries.“

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- Help!
- What's wrong ma'am?
- I need a Doctor!
- I'm a Doctor
- My friend has passed out!
- well, I'm a Ph.D. in mathematics
- it's the same, it's a Doctor! , Do something!
- what do you want me to do ma'am?
- whatever!
- do I do a series or a transform?
- what is that of a transform?
- a transform is a mathematical transformation used to transform signals between the time (or space) domain and the frequency domain
- and will that help my friend?
- I don't think...

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