June 21, 1834, in the United States, Cyrus McCormick patents the mechanical harvester.

On this day (June 21), 1834, in the United States, Cyrus McCormick patented the mechanical harvester.
Cyrus Hall McCormick (1809–1884) was an American inventor and founder of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company.
A reaper is a agricultural implement or a person who harvest (cuts and often also gathers) crops at harvest when they are ripe. Typically, the crop involved is a cereal grass.
The earliest documented reapers were the Gallic reaper that was used in present-day France during Roman times. The Gallic reaper involved a comb collecting the heads, with an operator pounding the grain into a box and then threshing it.
The 19th century saw several inventors in the United States lay claim to innovation in mechanical reapers. The various designs competed with each other and were the subject of various lawsuits.
Obed Hussey in Ohio patented a reaper in 1833, the Hussey Reaper .

The McCormick Reaper was designed by Robert McCormick in Walnut Grove , Virginia . However, Robert became frustrated when he couldn't perfect his new device. His son Cyrus asked permission to attempt to complete his father's project. With permission granted, the McCormick Reaper was patented by his son Cyrus McCormick in 1834 as a horse-drawn farm implement for cutting crops de grains small . This McCormick harvester had several special elements:

  • a main wheel frame
  • projecting to the side a platform containing a cutting bar having fingers through which a crank-driven knife reciprocates
  • at the outer end of the deck was a divider projecting ahead of the deck to separate the grain to be cut from that left to rest
  • A spool was placed on the platform to hold the grain against the reciprocating knife for throwing back onto the platform.
  • the machine was dragged by a crew walking alongside the vein.

Cyrus McCormick claimed that his reaper was invented in 1831, giving him true claim to the overall design of the machine. Over the next several decades, Hussey's and McCormick's reapers would compete against each other in the market, despite being quite similar. By the 1850s, the original Hussey and McCormick patents had expired and many other manufacturers brought similar machines to market.

Interestingly enough, McCornick also successfully built a modern business, with manufacturing, marketing, and a sales force to market his products.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----
- son, to harvest
- Dad is here
-How is he already there?
- I have already harvested the field that we had to do today
- come on son, less jokes and get to work
- no, dad, it's not a joke
- and how did you do it? with magic?
- no, I have invented a harvesting machine
- a machine?
- yes, that multiplies the work of a person
- son, you are very smart
- thank you
- son, could you make a machine to support your uncle's annoying?
- to put up with Uncle Pancho?
- no dad, I don't think that's possible
- wow...

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