May 2, 1828 born in France, Claude-Joseph le Désiré Charnay, explorer, archaeologist and photographer.

On this day (May 2), 1828, Claude-Joseph le Désiré Charnay, explorer, archaeologist and photographer, was born in France.
Claude-Joseph le Désiré Charnay is famous for his photographs of the ruins of ancient pre-Columbian civilizations in Mexico. In fact, he is considered the pioneer of archaeological photography.
he was born in France but traveled to the United States and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he worked as a French language teacher.
In New Orleans he became acquainted with the works of John Lloyd Stephens (Explorer, 1805) and Frederick Catherwood (Explorer, 1799), who in the 1940s published two illustrated texts about his research in the Mayan area, which aroused his desire to visit Mexico.
he made three expeditions to Mexico:
  • First voyage (1857-1860) . On his first trip to Mexico, Charnay collected souvenirs and took various photographs of the ruins he visited, among others; Palenque, Izamal, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Sisal, Dzitas, Ticul
  • Second voyage (1880-1882). This second trip allowed him to see the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes. He also discovered wooden toy dogs in a cemetery in Iztaccihuatl. He arrived in Tabasco and there he made one of his greatest achievements as an archaeologist, arriving in the Mayan city of Comalcalco on September 12, 1880.
  • Third voyage (1886) . He made a last and exhaustive trip to Yucatán , the story of which he published with the title Ma dernière expedition au Yucatan (My last expedition to Yucatan)
As a curiosity, comment that the work of Désiré Charnay is considered a feat, since before the archaeologists traveled with an artist, who made the lithographs, however, Charnay traveled with his camera and complete photographic equipment, which it had an approximate weight of 1,500 kilos, with which it had to cross mountains, cross rivers and intricate jungles.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
- let's go!
- let's go!
- Let's see if we can get there before nightfall
- well...
- if we go at a good pace we will arrive
- is that...
- we must be optimistic
- but...
- Let's see, what's going on?
- do you want to go with the photography team?
- of course!
- with everything?
- yes!
- well... how do you want to carry all your photographic equipment?
- you put it on your back and... go ahead!
- there are 1500 kilos of photographic equipment
- ah... wow... well, we'll have to hire a donkey
- a few
- so we won't arrive at the end of the day
- I don't think so

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