June 2, 1899, in Berlin, Germany, Lotte Reiniger is born who, with scissors and paper, will contribute to the world of cinema the first feature film that is preserved from what will later be animated cinema.

On this day (June 2) in 1899, in Berlin, Germany, Lotte Reiniger was born who, with scissors and paper, will contribute to the world of cinema the first feature film that remains of what will later be the cinema animation.
As a child, she was fascinated with the Chinese arts of paper cuttingsilhouette puppetry, even building her own puppet theater so she could stage shows for your family and friends.
As a teenager, Reiniger developed a love of cinema, first with the films of Georges Méliès for his special effects, then the films of actor and director Paul Wegener, known today as The Golem< s45> (1920).
In 1918, Reiniger animated wood rats and created the animated intertitles for Der Rattenfänger von Hameln ( The Pied Piper of Hamelin ) by Wegener. The success of this work led to her admission to the Institut für Kulturforschung (Institute for Cultural Research), an experimental animation and short film studio.
The first film Reiniger directed was Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens ( The Love Heart Ornament , 1919), a five-minute piece involving two lovers and an ornament reflecting their moods. The film was very well received.
In 1926 he made one of the first animated feature films The Adventures of Prince Achmed (a pastiche of stories from Arabian Nights) . Although it failed to find a distributor for almost a year, once released in Paris (thanks to the support of Jean Renoir), it became a critical and popular success.
As a curiosity to comment that Reiniger also stands out for having devised the first form of a multiplane camera; He made over 40 movies, all using his invention.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
-Lotte, what is she doing?
- I am cutting Achmed
- what is Achmed?
- Achmed is a prince
- That's going to hurt
- who?
- that Achmed
- why?
- because if you are cutting it you will be hurting it
- it's not that
- are you going to cook it later?
- to cook?
- are you a cannibal?
- no... Achmed is a paper figure and I'm creating it for an animated film
- wow...that doesn't sound that epic...
- you're out of your mind...

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