August 2, 1845, the discovery of the embolism is mentioned.

On this day (August 2), 1845, in Germany, the doctor Rudolf Virchow mentions his discovery of the embolism for the first time.
Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow was born in Prussia on October 13, 1821. He was a German pathologist, anthropologist, politician, and biologist.
He is considered the "father of modern pathology" because his work helped refute the ancient belief in humorism (theory that said that the pathologies of human beings were related to their mood).
he pioneered the modern concept of the disease process by presenting his cell theory of it. Also, he coined the term "every cell comes from another cell".
he obtained several recognitions from medical societies
Currently the Society for Medical Anthropology awards the Annual Rudolf Virchow Prize related to anthropology.
Rudolf Virchow mentions the term "embolism" to describe the partial or total occlusion or blockage of a blood vessel by an embolus (a solid, liquid or gaseous mass that is released inside the vessels and is carried by the blood )
- I am convinced that thrombosis...
- Mister Rudolf
- ...are one of the causes...
- Mister Rudolf
- ....from acute myocardial infarction...
- Mister Rudolf!
- why are you interrupting me?
- would you like your loaf of bread?
- oysters! Isn't this the Academy of Medicine?
- no sir, this is the bakery and there is a queue
- oh... sorry... give me two normal bars... thanks

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