On September 19, 1783, the Montgolfier brothers made their first balloon flight.

On this day (September 19), 1783, in Versailles (France), the Montgolfier brothers made their first balloon flight.
Joseph-Michel Montgolfier was born in Annonay on August 26, 1740 and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier was born in Annonay on January 6, 1745, they were two brothers known to be considered the inventors of the hot air balloon.
These brothers were the sons of a paper manufacturer. One day while they were playing they discovered that paper bags inverted and heated over a fire rose. That led them to experiment with types of paper and other materials.
In 1783 they made several tests ;
- first unmanned balloons where they observed how it behaved in the open sky
- then balloons with various animals (a sheep, a rooster and a duck) to see how height affected a ser vico.
- finally with human beings on a flight that lasted 25 minutes.
The Versailles flight was made with animals in front of the king of Louis XVI to ask permission for the flight with human beings. The flight was not bad at all, although of the three animal "pilots" the worst unemployed was the rooster that did not come out of the experience alive when he ended up being kicked by the sheep in mid-flight.
- Brother! We made it!
- Yes! We're flying!
- How good we are!
- but... but...
- but?
- I need to go to the bathroom
- look what I told you before uploading
- the rush
- always the same...

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