November 19, 1969, in the Ocean of Storms, the Apollo XII lands on the moon, the second manned mission to the Moon.

On this day (November 19), 1969, Apollo XII, the second manned mission to the Moon, landed on the Ocean of Storms.
Apollo 12 (November 14-24, 1969) was the sixth crewed flight of the Apollo program from the United States and the second to land on the Moon .
Commander Charles "Pete" Conrad and lunar module pilot Alan L. Bean spent just over a day and seven hours on the lunar surface, while command module pilot Richard F. Gordon remained in lunar orbit.
More time was allotted for geological training in preparation for Apollo 12 than for Apollo 11, Conrad and Bean took several geology field trips in preparation for their mission . The Apollo 12 spacecraft and launch vehicle were almost identical to those of Apollo 11. One addition was hammocks to allow Conrad and Bean to rest more comfortably on the Moon.

Shortly after launching on a rainy day at Kennedy Space Center, Apollo 12 was struck twice by lightning, causing instrumentation problems but little damage. The switch to auxiliary power supply solved the data retransmission issue, saving the mission. Otherwise, the one-way trip to the Moon saw few problems.

On November 19, Conrad and Bean made a precise landing at their expected location a short distance from the robotic probe Surveyor 3 , which had landed on April 20, 1967. By making a precise landing , they demonstrated that NASA could plan future missions in the expectation that astronauts could land near sites of scientific interest.

Conrad and Bean carried the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package, a group of scientific instruments as well as the first color television camera taken by an Apollo mission to the lunar surface, but transmission was lost after Bean accidentally pointed the camera at the Sun and its sensor was destroyed. On the second of two moonwalks, they visited Surveyor 3 and removed parts to return to Earth.

The Lunar Module Intrepid lifted off from the Moon on November 20 and docked with the command module, which subsequently traveled back to Earth. The Apollo 12 mission ended on November 24 with a landing successful .

As a curiosity to comment that Apollo 12 would have attempted the first lunar landing if Apollo 11 had failed, but after the success of Neil Armstrong's mission, Apollo 12 was postponed for two months, and other Apollo missions as well They established a more relaxed schedule.

-------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
- Good!
- We're here!
- Finally!
- yes!
- Now they can call me a lunatic!
- how?
- I've always wanted to be called a lunatic
- lunatic?
- Citizen of the Moon
- but you weren't born on the moon
- you don't even have a Moon passport
- now I'll look for the town hall on the Moon
- which town hall?
- sure there is a town hall
- you're out of your mind
- I'm going to look for the town hall
- When you joined NASA, didn't they give you a psychological test?
- yes, my twin brother passed it
- it seemed to me
- I think the Moon Town Hall will be around there
- see you later

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