September 18, 1928, the Graf Zeppelin flies for the first time.

On this day (September 18), 1928, the Graf Zeppelin flies for the first time in Germany.
Ferdinand von Zeppelin was born in Constanta, July 8, 1838, he was a founding inventor of the Zeppelin airship company.
Ferdinand von Zeppelin had his first contact with aerostatic navigation during his mission as a Russian attaché in the War of the American Succession (1861-1865). There he made several ascents with the Army of the North in observation balloons. From there he began his interest and research on hot air balloons.
From 1880 he led his efforts in creating a steerable balloon. The first model he finished was in 1900. It is said that it was based on a model that his friend Carlos Albán (Colombian consul in Hamburg) had asked his government for a patent in 1887 and it seems that he later offered it to his friend.
Starting in 1900 he created airship balloons (also called zeppelins) to the enthusiasm of the public and the interest of his government.
Ferdinand von Zeppelin died in 1917 before World War I and the paralysis of the project by the Treaty of Versailles.
His successor in the company, Hugo Eckener, revived the airship project.
On September 18, 1929, the airship Graf Zeppelin took flight, the largest aircraft of its time. It had a total length of 236.6 m and a volume of 105,000 m³.
The specifications of this great airship are;
  • Crew: 40.
  • Capacity: 20 passengers.
  • Length: 236.53 m.
  • Diameter: 30.48 m.
  • Volume: 105,000 m³.
  • Effective support: 60,000 kg.
  • Engines: 5 Maybach VL-2 with 12 cylinders and 410 kW (550 hp) each.
  • Top speed: 128 km/h.

The airship made 600 trips, flying over the Atlantic 150 times, and a regular line was established in 1936 for cargo and mail with South America. In 1940, he was scrapped for fighter plane parts.

- What's up? is there an eclipse?
- nope! look!
- oysters! a whale that flies!
- no, that's a Zeppelin
- Are flying whales called Zeppelin?
- no, it is to travel through the sky
- well, they could have made it smaller... the sun is blocking me!

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