February 17, 1932 James Chadwick sends a letter to the editor in Nature magazine with the evidence for the existence of the neutron.

On this day (February 17), 1932, James Chadwick sends a letter to the editor to the journal Nature with evidence of the existence of the neutron.
James Chadwick was born on October 20, 1891 and was a physicist who was awarded the 1935 Nobel Prize in Physics.
In 1932, Chadwick made a fundamental discovery in the field of nuclear physics: he discovered the particle in the nucleus of the atom that would come to be called the neutron, particle that it has no electrical charge.
Rutherford (1871) and other researchers suspected that a third subatomic particle existed in the Rutherford structure of the atom. Chadwick , at that time was a collaborator of Rutherford.
Chadwick performed an experiment in 1932. The experiment involved bombarding a sheet of beryllium with alpha particles (from a piece of radioactive polonium) . This bombardment caused the emission by the atoms of radiation composed of particles with a mass approximately equal to a proton and with zero electric charge since it was not deflected by electric fields.
In this way, Chadwick paved the way for the fission of Uranium 235 and thus the creation of the atomic bomb.
How curious to comment that later James Chadwick would write;

"At that time I realized that the atomic bomb was not only possible, but also inevitable. So I started taking sleeping pills. It was the only remedy."

-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
- "Dear Director..."
- What are you doing?
- I am writing a letter to the editor of the journal Nature
- and you call the director "Dear"?
- and what do you want me to call him? "chump"?
- man, not that
- then?
- I don't know, something neutral
- yes, that's what the letter is about
- from the Director?
- nope, from the neutron
- What is a neutron?
- But you didn't tell me to tell him about the neutron!
- what a neutron! go neutral!
- Let me speak neutral to the neutron!?
- what a neutron!?
- You know what!?
- What!?
- I'll write the letter another day!
- Why!?
- because you negatively charged me!
- and don't you already feel neutral to talk about the neutron in a neutral way?
-Go to...!!!!!

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