On July 16, 1872, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was born in Borge (Norway).

On this day (July 16), 1872, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was born in Borge (Norway).
When Fridtjof Nansen (1861, explorer) triumphantly returned to Norway after crossing the island of Greenland on skis in 1888, Amundsen—sixteen years old at the time—decided to become a polar explorer.
In 1890 he began to study medicine fulfilling his mother's wish, but, after her death in 1893, he failed his school exams and later dropped out of university. At twenty years he embarked on a seal hunting ship to continue his apprenticeship as a sailor.
After traveling to the United States in search of sponsors for his projects, the American millionaire and explorer Lincoln Ellsworth (1880) became one of his main financiers.
His polar crossings were:
1) Belgian Antarctic Expedition (1897-1899)
In 1897, Amundsen learned of a Belgian project to explore Antarctica. After meeting with Adrien de Gerlache, the leader of the expedition, Amundsen landed the position of helmsman.
2) Northwest Passage
In 1903 Amundsen commanded the first expedition to cross the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, along with six other members aboard the sailboat Gjøa, bought by Amundsen.
3) Conquest of the South Pole
Following his Northwest Passage expedition, Amundsen planned an expedition to the north pole, using the Fram, the government-owned ship Norwegian but devised and designed for polar exploration by Fridtjof Nansen who had used it in his arctic explorations.
As a curiosity to mention that Roald Amundsen will be remembered as the person who dled the expedition to Antarctica that will reach the South Pole for the first time. He will also be the first to cross the Northwest Passage, which joins the Atlantic with the Pacific, and will be part of the first aerial expedition to fly over the North Pole.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
- Hello!
- How are you?
- ok, I'm going to the South Pole
- good, then bring me one
- a what?
- one pole
- a pole?
- yes, it's hot
- yes, yes it's hot
- a polo shirt would go very well
- it would refresh a lot
- although I don't know it's south pole
- is that it is not a pole
- is the su pole not a pole?
- the south pole is not a pole to eat
- and what do you do with that pole?
- it is a walking pole
- a megapole?
- a mega-chunk-ultra-power-pole
- wow!

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