March 15, 1985 Symbolics company registers, the first domain in the world.

On this day (March 15), 1985, the company Symbolics registers, the first domain in the world.
Each computer, server,... that connects to the Internet receives an electronic address (called an IP address). This electronic address currently consists of 4 variables; X.X.X.X. Each "X" of this address goes from 0 to 255. So, if someone wants to request an internet service, they must "call" a specific address. For example, if you want to browse the "" website in your browser, you should enter the address "".
It's like when you want to call someone you dial their phone number so that their device (landline, cell phone...) rings, they can answer you and have a conversation. But we do not know all the telephone numbers of our contacts and services that we may need and, therefore, we have and maintain a private agenda (in our cell phone or in a notebook) where we translate the name of the person we want to call by their number. phone number.
The same thing happens on the Internet. As it would be impossible for us to know the addresses of the Internet services that we want to connect, there are some "public agencies" called DNS (Domain Name Server) that translate the domain name (for example "") by your IP address without us being aware as users.
In 1985, given the increasing number of computers that were connected to the Internet network, it was necessary to create domains that would link words with numerical addresses.
The first company to register a domain was Symbolics Inc which was a branch of MIT where the hacker and computer activist Richard Stallman was involved. The first registered domain was
As a curiosity to mention that at the end of 1985 there were only 6 registered domains. Currently there are millions of registered domains and thousands more are registered every day.
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- son, son, I can't find your page on the Internet
- is that the name of our company?
- sure?
- and that's it?
- well, it's the name and then "dot com"
- How does it sound?
- let's see, "dot" of "dot" and not "dot" with letters
- I don't understand, is it a tongue twister?
- let's see, I'll help you
- look, look, nothing can be seen
- dad, you're looking at the microwave
- ah, how difficult every son

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