On January 15, 1861, Elisha Graves Otis, an American inventor and manufacturer, patents the elevator safety mechanism.

On this day (January 15), 1861, Elisha Graves Otis, an American inventor and manufacturer, patented the elevator's safety mechanism.
Elisha Otis Graves born August 3, 1811 - April 8, 18611​), was an inventor from the United States. She invented an elevator safety device and elevator manufacturer and founded the Otis Elevator Company.
During history, some type of elevator has been built with human or animal traction. In the 19th century an engineer ´named Waterman in 1851 devised an automatic elevator of history. That system was fine but it wasn't safe and they had more than one accident.
Elisha Otis had an intense life. She became independent from her parents at the age of 19, she was a train driver, got married and had two children. She made some savings and invested in a flour mill but it went bankrupt. She converted the flour mill into a sawmill and began building wagons and carriages.
When her wife died, she moved to New York, she got married and went to work in a doll factory where she had to make 12 dolls a day. As she was bored she ended up creating a robot that made 50 dolls a day. She patented her machine and sold it to her boss for $500.
she rented a place to start her own business where she made various inventions; an automatic brake system to stop trains, an automatic system to bake bread... But she ended up having her electricity cut off and she couldn't continue working, so she had to move back.
she went to New Jersey where she found work in an abandoned sawmill that she wanted to turn into a bed factory. She was asked to transport materials up and down, so she remembered that she had read that there were some platforms that could help her carry materials. But she had the problem of security and together with her son they ended up designing a security system for the platform. At the time, Elisha Otis was 40 years old.
Elisha Otis she did not intend to patent her invention at first. But as word spread about her elevator security system, she started getting orders from various parts of the area. And even though she started fulfilling her orders, she offered the invention to her boss at her factory but he rudely rejected it.
Elisha Otis kept working on the orders that came in for her elevator safety invention and she ended up leaving work and starting her own company; Union Elevator Works (which would eventually be called Otis Brothers & company) .
In 1854 Elisha Otis traveled to the New York International Fair to promote her invention. The best way to publicize her invention was for people to see it in operation; Ella Otis assembled an elevator, loaded it with weight, raised it up to 4 stories high and when she was at the top she asked her assistant to cut the cable that held the elevator. The elevator fell a few inches but stopped and nothing happened. This promotion was very impressive for the attendees of the fair.
After that demonstration of the security system, requests to Elisha Otis skyrocketed and led to a change in the architecture of the cities; tall buildings could finally be projected safely in the transport of people; the era of skyscrapers, along with steel, reinforced concrete, glass and the hydraulic pump, had begun.
Shortly after, the world's first skyscraper was built in 1885; the Home Insurance Building in Chicago, 10 stories and 42 meters high
As a curiosity to mention that the company founded by Elisha Otis, Otis Elevator Company is the main manufacturer of elevators and escalator systems of the world.
-------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
- ladies and gentlemen!
- ...
- pay attention to this elevator!
- ...
- I'm going up in this elevator for a few meters!
- ....
- and up...
- ...
- I'll cut the ropes!
- noooooo... he's crazy!
- I'm going up
- don't go crazy!
- I'm uploading
- I don't want to look... well yes... or no....
- I have reached a considerable height
- get down you bastard!
- and now, friends... I cut the elevator rope!... WHAM!
- noooooooooooooo.... how?
- thanks to my security system the elevator doesn't fall!
- was it magic?
- no!
- was it witchcraft?
- no!
- was it luck?
- no!
- what happened?
- it was technology!

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