December 15, 1891, James Naismith decides to invent a game: basketball

On this day (December 15), 1891, James Naismith decides to invent a game: basketball
James Naismith was born in Almonte, Canada, on November 6, 1861, he was a teacher of physical education, trainer and military chaplain.
In Springfield, Massachusetts, a group of parents asked the physical education teacher, James Naismith, to invent a special physical activity to, above all, control a group of troubled young people.
This "special physical activity" was to be based on two basic rules:
1) it should be possible to do it indoors (for example in the gym) since the weather in the area was cold
2) should tire the students, especially the most problematic ones
Naismith spent 2 weeks working on a sport that did not involve physical contact or too much force to avoid fights between students.
Thus, James Naismith ended up devising "Basquetball" (basketball) using a "soccer" ball and two fruit baskets hung 3 meters high on the gym's handrail.
The new sport became very popular with its students, and in January 1892 the rules were sent to Christian schools throughout the United States. At the beginning of the 20th century, basketball will have become a world-renowned and highly successful sport
As a curiosity to mention that in the first match played on December 15, 1891, only one point was scored. All 18 Naismith students played and the point was scored by William R. Chase.
------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
- let's play!
- to what?
- to put this ball in those baskets
- what for?
- to play sports in a fun way
- what if I'm good?
- I will congratulate you
- and they won't book me?
- who will sign you?
- an NBA team
- NBA? but what are you talking about?
- I don't know... I had a vision...
- swim, catch the ball and stop daydreaming...

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