August 15, 1884, the Academy of Medicine approves the Pasteur method of curing rabies.

On this day (August 15), 1884, in Paris, the Academy of Medicine approves the Pasteur method of curing rabies.
Louis Pasteur was born in Dole, France on December 27, 1822, he was a French chemist, physicist, mathematician and bacteriologist. The technique of "pasteurization" is due to him, which by raising the temperature in a very short time attempts to eliminate existing germs.
He is considered a pioneer of microbiology that led to such important innovations as the development of vaccines, antibiotics, sterilization and hygiene as effective methods of cure and prevention against the spread of infectious diseases.
This idea represents the beginning of scientific medicine, since it shows that disease is the visible effect (signs and symptoms) of a cause that can be sought and eliminated through specific treatment.
The Pasteur Method consists of vaccinating the patient against rabies as a form of defense against it. This method studied with animals in his laboratory was accepted on August 15, 1884 by the Academy of Medicine, although it was not until July 6, 1885 that he could not test it with a human.
That day 9 year old Joseph Meister was bitten by a rabid dog and Pasteur treated him with his method. It was a complete success that opened the doors to the creation of the Pasteur Institute.
- we already have a cure against rabies
- wow,
- what's wrong?
- it makes me angry that he won
- Don't worry, we'll cure you
- no... no... not that kind of rage
- ...
- let me go!
- don't poke me!
- ...
- not that kind of rage!
- ouchyyyy!

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