On September 14, 1886, the typewriter ribbon was invented.

On this day (September 14), 1886, the typewriter ribbon was invented.
The typewriter is a set of keys that work mechanically, electromechanically or electronically, which, when pressed, print characters on a document.
It is difficult to determine who was the inventor of the typewriter since there were many who contributed ideas and inventions to the creation of a commercial typewriter. It is estimated that in history there have been up to 52 inventions by mechanics who wanted to achieve a useful design.
In 1714, Henry Mill obtained a patent from Queen Anne of Stuart for a "letter transcription machine". Unfortunately nothing is known about this machine apart from the patent.
Later there were efforts to create a useful typewriter, many of them to help the blind write letters.
Between 1829 and 1870 in America and Europe many types of typewriters were patented, although none of them had any commercial success.
The invention of the typewriter was a revolution in communications as it sped them up. It also streamlined the slow writing process of copyists and gave commercial and political writing a more official character. She also helped bring women into the workforce between the 19th and 20th centuries as typists.
The first commercial typewriter was invented in 1872 and the first industrial model appeared a year later; 1872.
The first industrial model was a hulk similar to a standard sewing machine and you didn't see what you typed until the end. Little by little they improved on that first model with various inventions, including the typewriter ribbon in 1886.
The first "visible typewriter" was commercialized in 1895.
How curious to comment that Christopher Latham Sholes (born February 14, 1819) not only invented the first commercial typewriter in North America but also invented the position of the keys called " QWERTY". This arrangement of letters put emphasis on separating the most used letters and thus avoiding fewer collisions of typewriter hammers when pressing the keys.
- Grandpa, what is a typewriter?
- it's a machine that put a piece of paper and you could write a letter by pressing some keys...
- that sounds very old
- well, that was a few years ago
- from the time of the dinosaurs?
- from my time
- uh.... oh.... uh... shall we change the subject?
- it will be better

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