October 14, 1947, for the first time in history, man breaks the sound barrier.

On a day like today (October 14), 1947, for the first time in history, man breaks the sound barrier.
The sound barrier or barrier sonic is the sudden increase in drag and other undesirable effects experienced by an aircraft or another object when approaching at speed of sound . When the aircraft first approaches the speed of sound, these effects are considered to constitute a barrier, making faster speeds very difficult or impossible. The term sound barrier is still sometimes used today to refer to aircraft that achieve supersonic flight . Flying faster than sound produces a sonic boom .
This day, Chuck E. Yeager, American pilot, at the controls of the Bell "X-1" rocket plane, exceeds 1,224 km/hour flying at 13,000 meters above the dry lake Rogers (California, USA). The Bell X-1 is an experimental rocket-powered aircraft launched from the belly of a modified B-29 bomber.
Charles Elwood Yeager was born on February 13, 1923 and was an officer of the United States Air Force, aircraft ace, and the record test pilot of who in 1947 became the first pilot in history confirms that he has exceeded the speed of sound in level flight.
The Bell X-1 ( Bell Model 44) is an airplane powered by a rocket engine, originally designated the XS-1 , and was a supersonic research project of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics - U.S. Army Air Forces . USA. Built by Bell Aircraft.
As a curiosity to comment that such was the difficulty of this task that the answer to many of the inherent challenges was along the lines of "It is better that Yeager has paid insurance" .
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
-have you seen?
- what?
- I've broken the sound barrier!
- what a mess you've made
- huh?
- you don't want me to pick it up
- it's not that
- everything will be a mess
- it's not that, dad
- why? haven't they seen you?
- if they have seen me
- well they will know who is to blame
- me
- well we will have to repair the barrier
- dad, the sound barrier is not a construction
- of course, not now
- not now nor ever
- I go for the bags and tools
- what for?
- to repair that barrier
- leave it daddy
- I'm ready... let's go for the barrier!

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