On January 13, 1884, Armando Carnot Veulens, a dental surgeon, was born in Matanzas.

On this day (January 13), 1884, Armando Carnot Veulens, a dental surgeon, was born in Matanzas (Cuba).

Armando Carnot Veulens, his medical work stood out fundamentally for the help and care given to various unions of workers in the city of Matanzas and to the humble class of society. For this reason he was known as the " Doctor of the Poor ".

Armando Carnot Veulens was the son of the dental surgeon Alfredo Carnot D'Lisle (born in 1894) very involved in the independence of Cuba and director of the Children's Asylum-Hospital of Matanzas (the first in Cuba) founded in 1899.

His work for which he was known as the Doctor for the Poor for his generous dedication to the health of the poorest layers of society and his professional prestige, achieved through magnanimous blows efforts, led him, in 1916, to win by a large majority the appointment of mayor of his city.
Due to his activity as mayor, he won the affection of the citizens of his city but also the enmity of the corrupt politicians with whom he dealt and they ended up campaigning against him. He died on September 26, 1926, on a return trip from Havana to Matanzas, after having met with the president of the republic Gerardo Machado, who poisoned him in the same presidential palace during a lunch, Well, he wanted to convince him not to run for mayor of Matanzas, and instead offered him another position, that of Minister of Health, but the doctor did not accept.
As a curiosity to comment that in Matanzas there is still great affection for him. Proof of this are the permanent flowers in the garden of his pantheon. Many people develop a cult in memory of him, motivated by the hope of saving sick people and pregnant women.
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- My tooth hurts
- go to the dentist
- I don't have any money
- try, they call him "the doctor of the poor", it must be for a reason
- ok, I'll try
- ...
- ...
- Hello doctor
- Hello
- My tooth hurts a lot
- let's see lie down
- ok... ok... ok...
- are you nervous?
- yes, a little
- is this your first time?
- no, I've been nervous before

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