August 13, 1913, Harry Brearley invented stainless steel.

On this day (August 13), 1913, Harry Brearley invents stainless steel
Harry Brearley was born on February 18, 1871 in Sheffield, England. He was a metallurgist who spent much of his career researching how to improve steel production and all sorts of solutions around it.
It was a time before the First World War when the production of armaments in Great Britain was greatly increased. One of the problems to solve was the wear that was caused in the artillery cannons.
Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel by chance. When he wanted to polish some pieces of steel to do experiments, he saw that the resulting steel had some interesting characteristics.
He called this steel "rustless steel" although later a local manufacturer named it "stainless steel".
This "stainless steel" is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10% chrome and some other material. This alloy is made to prevent the corrosion of iron with oxygen. Chromium reacts with oxygen, providing the iron with a layer of protection against corrosion.


- Stainless steels! Stainless steels!
- sir
- tell me
- I want to "close"
- how?
- yes, I want "stainless steel"
- I sell stainless steel knives
- what a scam... what a disappointment...

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