August 13, 1912 Salvador Luria, one of the fathers of virology, was born.

On this day (August 13), 1912, Salvador Luria, one of the fathers of virology, was born.
He attended medical school at the University of Turin studying with Giuseppe Levi . There he met two other future Nobel laureates: Rita Levi-Montalcini and Renato Dulbecco . He graduated from the University of Turin in 1935 and never got a master's or doctorate as they were not covered by the Italian higher education system (which, on the other hand, was very selective).
Luria arrived in New York City on September 12, 1940. With the help of physicist Enrico Fermi , whom he knew from his time at the University of Rome, Luria received a fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation in Columbia University . He soon met Delbrück and Hershey, and they collaborated on experiments at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Delbrück's lab at Vanderbilt University .
His famous experiment with Delbrück in 1943, known as the Luria-Delbrück experiment , demonstrated statistically that inheritance in bacteria should follow Darwinian instead of Lamarckian principles and that mutant bacteria that occur randomly can still grant viral resistance without the virus being present. The idea that natural selection affects bacteria has profound consequences, for example, it explains how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics.
Luria won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1969, with Max Delbrück and Alfred Hershey, for their discoveries on the mechanism of replication and the genetic structure of viruses.
As a curiosity to mention that he was born as Salvatore Edoardo Luria and changed his name in the US to Salvador Edward Luria.
-------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
- Hello, Doctor Luria?
- I don't know
-How does he not know?
- What do you want?
- Are you Doctor Luria?
- According to whom
- How?
- Do I owe you something?
- Well, has he ever left me money?
- very well, are you angry with Doctor Luria?
- perfect, are you a murderous sadist?
- not
- great, so Doctor Luria is me
- oh... nice...
- What did he want?
- I wanted to inform you that they want to give you a Nobel Prize
- Oh! Free?
- Oh! ...Good!...Bravo!...Thank you!

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