On January 12, 1746, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, pedagogue, was born in Zurich.

On this day (January 12), 1746, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, pedagogue, was born in Zurich (Switzerland)
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi was not the first pedagogue since there have been different pedagogues throughout history, but he was a pedagogical reformer and can be considered the initiator of modern pedagogy. Influenced by earlier thinkers such as Comenius and Rosseau, believed that the solution to poverty and contradictions in human society was to be found in good education.
Pestalozzi was not a good student as a child and began his career as a priest and then his law career without finishing either. Within his concerns he ventured into agriculture and the dairy industry, failing in each of them. But he did not stop, he decided to found a spinning industry with the idea of ​​employing poor children and with the idea that paid work could redeem them from their social misery and spiritual degradation. This project bankrupted him.
Indebted for his latest project and without money, Pestalozzi appealed to the generosity of his fellow citizens, he promised to teach children to write, read and count. He also offered to teach them in agricultural and manual labor to support his own livelihood. And that's how Pestalozzi discovered his true vocation: teaching She also discovered one of his obsessions; link industrial work with educational work.
When he was unable to further develop his ideas due to the difficulties that society was putting on him, Pestalozzi dedicated himself to writing and laying out the fundamental axes of his ideas on education . In 1781 he published the novel " Leonardo and Gertrudis " where he makes clear his vision that the person can only be responsible for himself morally and intellectually through education.
Because of his pedagogical ideas, the French National Assembly declared him "honorable citizen of the revolution" and at 50 years of age the educator had the real opportunity to put your ideas into practice.
After the civil war in Switzerland, Pestalozzi returns to his country and dedicates himself to elementary education. In 1826 he published the book " Swan Song " where his pedagogical reflections converge.
One of his phrases that represent his ideology is:
" The ultimate goal of education is not perfection in schoolwork, but preparation for life; not the acquisition of habits of blind obedience and written diligence, but preparation for action Independent."
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -
- Hello
- Hello
- We have just opened a school in the village and we want to invite the children to attend
- just want to invite the kids?
- boys and girls
- I can't go?
- you're also invited
- but he prefers children
- and the girls
- surely you are one of those perverts who wants to exploit children
- no, I just want to educate them so they can't be exploited
- and the girls?
- also
- also what?
- we also want to educate them
- very good, very good
- so will you take your children?
- why not?
- well because I don't have children
- and why does he waste my time for so long?
- because you seemed like a nice man to talk to
- my mother..

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