December 12, 1927, Robert Noyce, a scientist who in 1958 will be one of the inventors of the microchip or integrated circuit, is born in Burlington.

On this day (December 12), 1927, Robert Noyce, a scientist who in 1958 would be one of the inventors of the microchip or integrated circuit, was born in Burlington (USA).
When Noyce was twelve years old in the summer of 1940, he and his brother built a child-sized airplane, which they used to fly from the roof of the Grinnell College stables. He later built a radio from scratch and motorized his sled by welding a propeller and motor from an old washing machine to the back.
Noyce had such a quick mind that his grad school friends called him "Rapid Robert." he Received his Ph.D. in physics from MIT in 1953.
After graduating from MIT in 1953, Noyce took a job as a research engineer at Philco Corporation in Philadelphia . He left in 1956 to join William Shockley, a co-inventor of the transistor and eventually Nobel Prize winner, in the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in Mountain View, California.
After Jack Kilby invented the first hybrid integrated circuit (hybrid IC) in 1958, Noyce in 1959 independently invented a new type of integrated circuit, the monolithic integrated circuit (monolithic IC).
Noyce and Gordon Moore founded Intel in 1968 when they left Fairchild Semiconductor. Arthur Rock , Intel's chairman of the board and a major investor in the company, said that for Intel to succeed, the company needed Noyce, Moore and Andrew Grove . And I needed them in that order. Noyce: the visionary, born to inspire; Moore: the virtuoso of technology; and Grove: the technologist turned management scientist.
As a curiosity to mention that, at Intel, he supervised the invention of the microprocessor by Ted Hoff, which was his second revolution.
-------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
- can you help me?
- to what?
- to bring the purchase
- I'm with microchips
- no, I haven't bought potato chips
- no, I'm into microchips
- have you bought potato chips?
- no, I'm working on a microchip
- Are you inventing a kind of potato chip?
- no, a microchip
- a chip to eat?
- no, to make electronic equipment smaller
- how interesting
- oh yeah?
- but you want to eat, right?
- then leave your minichip and help me with the purchase
- but...
- neither but neither minipero nor micropero... help me...

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