April 12, 1961, in the USSR Yuri Gagarin takes off from the Baikonur base aboard the "Vostok I" space capsule.

On this day (April 12), 1961, Yuri Gagarin takes off from the Baikonur base in the USSR on board the "Vostok I" space capsule.
Yuri Alekséyevich Gagarinwas born in Klúshino, Soviet Union on March 9, 1934 and was a Soviet cosmonaut and pilot who became the first human being to travel to outer space, achieving an important milestone in the space race.
Yuri Gagarin, on November 5, 1957, graduated as a lieutenant in the Soviet air force.
Being interested in space exploration after the launch of the "Luna 3" space probe, he entered the USSR space pilot selection program. Of the 154 drivers who applied, the Selection Committee chose 20.
Gagarin had the favor of his colleagues, because when they were asked to vote anonymously for a candidate who, in addition to them, they would like to be among the first to fly, all but three chose him.
Finally, a group of 6 pilots was chosen to undergo accelerated training. This group is known as "The Vanguard Six" or "The Sochi Six".
In the end, at the meeting of the State Commission on April 8, Kamanin (Soviet Lieutenant General who headed the commission9 stood up and formally nominated Gagarin as main pilot and Titov as supplementary. Without much discussion, the commission approved the proposal and moved on to other last-minute logistical issues.It was assumed that should Gagarin suffer health problems before takeoff, Titov would take his place and Nelyubov would become supplemental.
On spacecraft liftoff, in the command center, this dialogue was recorded;
  • Korolyov: Preliminary stage...intermediate...main...Takeoff! We wish you a good flight. Everything is fine.
  • Gagarin: Come on! Goodbye, see you soon, dear friends
Yuri Gagarin in the "Vostok I" space capsule completed one orbit of the Earth on April 12, 1961. It was a 108-minute flight whose orbit took him to a distance between 180 and 327 kilometers from the earth's surface.
As a curiosity to mention that Gagarin described «The feeling of weightlessness was something unknown compared to the conditions on Earth; you feel as if you were hanging from straps in a horizontal position, as if suspended»
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --
- Hello ma'am
- Where is my son?
-I don't know, who is his son?
- Yuri Gagarin
- oh...
-Where is he?
- is that...
- I don't pick up the phone
- well...
- and we met for dinner
- is that....
- If he doesn't come, he'll know what's good
- ok...
- you will know what a flying shoe is
- well...
- so what?
- which is going around the earth in space
- yeah, of course...
- yes ma'am
- he's going to take quite a shoe

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