November 11, 1930 Hugh Everett III was born in Washington.

On this day (November 11), 1930, Hugh Everett III was born in Washington. He was an American physicist who first proposed the theory of parallel universes in quantum physics.
Hugh Everett III left physics after completing his Ph.D., discouraged by the lack of response to his theory. Already in the business world, he developed the widespread use of Lagrange multipliers in operations research and applied them commercially as a consultant and analyst.
The Parallel Universes theory is the name of a physical hypothesis in which the existence of several relatively independent universes or realities come into play.
Hugh Everett proposed one of the most curious scientific versions that resort to parallel universes as the "multiple universes interpretation" or "multiple worlds interpretation" (MMI).​ This theory appears within quantum mechanics as a possible solution to the «measurement problem» in quantum mechanics.
The problem of measurement is one of the main «philosophical fronts» opened by quantum mechanics.
Although quantum mechanics has been the most precise physical theory to date, allowing theoretical calculations related to natural processes to be made to 20 correct decimal places, it has provided a large number of practical applications (nuclear power plants, clocks, very high precision, computers), there are certain difficult points in the interpretation of some of its results and fundamentals.
As a curiosity, mention that the Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman even joked saying;
“I don't think anyone really understands quantum mechanics”
- Hello, how are you?
- Hello
- What do you want?
- I would like to present my article on parallel universes
- parallel universes?
- how interesting?
- do you like it?
- yes, we could make a comic with several superheroes in several parallel universes and...
- sir, this is serious
- I'm taking it seriously
- with a comic?
- is what we do here.
- At the Quantum Physics Club
- no, this is the Fantastic Comics Club
- wow, it doesn't say that in the input
- oh, it's to mislead and that's how we learn about things as interesting as parallel universes
- well what a grace
- yes, the real quantum physics club is upstairs
- thanks, funny....

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