March 1, 1813 Michael Faraday begins work at the Royal Institution

On this day (March 1), 1813, Michael Faraday starts working at the Royal Institution
Michael Faraday, born in Newington Butt, September 22, 1791, was a physicist who studied electromagnetism and electrochemistry.
The Royal Institution of Great Britain is a scientific education and research organization based in London.
In 1812, at the age of 20, and already completing his bookbinding apprenticeship, Faraday began attending the lectures of the prominent English chemist Humphry Davy (chemist born 1778), the Royal Institution and the Royal Society, and John Tatum, founder of the City Philosophical Society.
Faraday sent Humphry Davy a 300-page book based on notes he himself had taken during those lectures. Humphry Davy injured his eyes at one of his lectures and hired Faraday as secretary. And, a little later, when there was a sick leave at the Royal Institution, he favored the hiring of Faraday as a chemistry assistant at the institution.

Faraday remained at the Royal Institution until his death, moving from chemistry assistant to head of the institution. In his work at the Royal Institution he made some of the most important scientific discoveries in the history of science, including electromagnetic induction, the laws of electrochemistry, the discovery of the benzene, the liquefaction of chlorine, the generation of colloidal gold, among others.

Apart from this immense investigative work, Faraday also carried out an important disseminating activity, his popular conferences being highly celebrated.

A famous phrase by Michael Faraday was;

"Until the end I will simply remain Michael Faraday"

-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----
- What's wrong Faraday?
- me? , nothing, why?
- Why do you have goosebumps?
- maybe it's due to electromagnetic induction
- What have they induced you?
- no, induced no
- the electromagnetic ones?
- not
- Are those aliens called electromagnetic?
- but what alien?
- but what's wrong with you?
- FARADAY is induced by electromagnetic aliens!
- nope!
- how heavy....

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