The technologist is the person specialized in technology. He is a professional with training in the technological area of ​​a given subject, and is trained to apply his knowledge in solving problems related to it.

He has a training superior to that of a technician, since he knows in depth the fundamentals of the technology. However, his level is not equal to that of an engineer, who masters both the theoretical bases and practical knowledge and is capable of creating, designing and modifying new technologies.

Functions of the technologist

It is the professional that makes the technologies work and that they adapt to the requirements of the clients or users. It can be said that he is responsible for maintaining the technologies that have been devised by the engineers.

The technologist knows in depth how technologies work, so he is able to solve specific problems and provide solutions in a safe and reliable way, modifying the necessary components and replacing them if necessary.

In the area of ​​advanced technologies, the technologist is trained to offer solutions that a technician cannot provide, since he adds his practical experience to his knowledge of the basic processes, which gives him greater competence in specific cases.


Importance of the technologist

Although the technologist is considered a mid-level professional, located between the engineer and the technician, the truth is that sometimes he is trained to supply the functions of one and the other in specific cases.

Hence its importance within the chain of professionals that make modern technologies work properly, and the great demand for its services within small and medium-sized companies that require reliable support.

A food technologist, for example, is in charge of ensuring that the technologies devised by engineers for the preservation of food products are implemented correctly, as well as coordinating and supervising the work of the technicians that allow the proper application of the technologies. same.

Specialists in information technology

Perhaps the area in which the work of the technologist is most relevant is in information technology, closely linked to computing and journalism.

Although the systems engineer is the professional who creates the technologies that allow millions of users to receive a timely and reliable information service, it is the technologist who is in charge of ensuring that said technology adapts to the requirements of users and clients who hire them.

An information agency that requires the services of reliable, timely and truthful sources will require that the data it receives be verified and available at the right time, since the time factor is essential in information.

Here the person in charge of technology is responsible for supervising the correct functioning of the information channels, in such a way that quick access is guaranteed, and an optimal service can be offered for the best possible benefit on the part of the clients.

Diversity of functions of the technologist

In any area where technology is applied in its various forms, be it electronics, industry, production of goods, education or services of various kinds, the technologist becomes an indispensable professional, since he fulfills the function of intermediary between the supplier and the user, ensuring the proper functioning of the most effective procedures to achieve the expected results.

The technology specialist has become a fundamental link in the human resources chain that makes it possible for thousands of people to benefit from the advantages of technological advances in their daily lives


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