The technical word comes from the Greek tékhné, whose meaning is art or trade. In a general sense, it is the way or the procedures used to carry out a task and obtain a certain result.

This concept can be applied to multiple human activities, from science and art to practically any material or intellectual work. In everyday speech, technique is understood as the mode or form of doing things to achieve a particular objective.

Evolution of the concept of technique

Because technique is an inherent capacity of the human being, for which a certain level of reasoning is required, its evolution throughout history has been on a par with the development of its intellectual faculties.

For primitive man, the creation of tools such as knives, spears or nets meant novel techniques that allowed him to achieve better results when hunting and fishing. In the same way, the use of instruments such as the plow allowed him to sow larger extensions of land and more abundant harvests.

With the discovery of new materials and the elaboration of multiple utensils, the techniques that man applied to reduce work and achieve their objectives more efficiently were perfected.

Types of existing techniques

Depending on the area of ​​knowledge in which it is applied, the techniques can be very simple or elementary or very complex and even specialized.

For example, for a simple job like painting a wall, you can use various techniques, such as brushing or roller painting, applying the paint in one direction or another, applying several layers or one, etc.

In the case of study techniques, a student can choose various methods to memorize a subject and thus retain and assimilate the concepts. He can read aloud or even record the text to be studied to listen to it several times, make cards or notes, underline the text with different colors, etc.

All these are different techniques that pursue the same objective, hence the person can choose between different methods depending on the one that is most effective and appropriate to their needs.

Know the specialized techniques

There are types of techniques that require from the person who applies them specific skills and abilities that are learned through constant practice.

This is particularly important when it comes to creative or artistic pursuits. For example, a guitarist can use certain ways of playing his instrument or use devices that provide the effects that he seeks in his performance.

For an athlete, the technique is learned by the constant exercise of specialized movements, following the instructions of his coach. In this case, the technique is closely associated with physical skills or abilities, perfected by constant practice.

Technique and the definition of technology

Technology is the study and development of techniques, and is generally associated with specialized scientific knowledge. If the technique is the set of ways to perform a task, technology is the means through which these techniques are developed to achieve new goals and achieve more sophisticated results.

Commonly we speak of technology to refer to specialized instruments or devices that facilitate human tasks. Most household appliances are the product of a technology developed expressly to carry out daily tasks with the minimum possible effort.

Technology evolved very quickly thanks to the continuous scientific discoveries that allowed man to satisfy basic needs with greater effectiveness, saving time and effort and improving his standard of living in very short periods of time


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