The word fucam is the one that gives its name to a foundation that is mainly dedicated to the treatment and detection of breast cancer, in addition to this, fucam is a private institution which is not for profit.

Fucam is the first and also the only institution that deals with breast cancer in its entire country, Mexico. It has a main headquarters located in Mexico City, which is a highly specialized hospital unit.

However, this does not end here, since they also have a group of breast cancer detection centers in some states of the country, the states where the detection centers are located are: Oaxaca and Morelos, in addition to that in the state of Chiapas we can find a detection clinic.

These have a total of 3 mobile units and a car in the so-called health train, they exist with the idea of ​​providing early diagnosis coverage to all people. The main function of these mobile units is to provide this service to the largest number of regions in the country by carrying out screening mammography campaigns.

The breast cancer foundation or Fucam has also worked to develop an excellent comprehensive strategy that has programs to educate and promote on the topic of timely detection, on other related topics such as precision diagnosis. About the surgical treatment of breast cancer, about breast reconstruction, also including psychological and thanatological support.

In the process of also promoting awareness of breast cancer, it also encourages training for more specialists in breast radiology, medical and surgical treatment, as well as clinical research and comprehensive rehabilitation of patients. patients suffering from this problem.

Other services or general services offered by Fucam

Like other Fucam medical foundations, although it specializes mainly in the treatment and detection of breast cancer, it has other services to offer to different patients or people who are interested in them.

The first service offered or that you can get on the Fucam website is the possibility of requesting a specialized oncology consultation in which a diagnosis will be made that will allow you to find out about the type of cancer you are suffering from. the patient. The stage of the cancer and the type of treatment that can be done depending on your situation.

In addition to that, Fucam also offers you a long catalog of studies that you can carry out with them in which, for example, we can obtain: Mammography, Ultrasound, Tomosynthesis, Biopsy Contrast Mammography studies , Densitometry, Laboratory, Tomography, X-Ray, and Nuclear Medicine.

As you can see, Fucam offers a wide variety of medical services that will be performed by its high-quality specialized doctors, so if you have any interest in the aforementioned services, we recommend that you go.

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