Ethical Hacking

The concept of hacker has been consolidated in everyday language, and the vast majority of us know that they are criminals who threaten our computer security. But did you know that there are also so-called ethical hackers?

The ethical hacking is the role of a real hacker in simulated attacks and intrusions, in order to test the resistance of existing security measures, learn their weaknesses and find possible solutions.

The identification of the main threats and weaknesses of systems by ethical hackers and knowledge of the techniques used by cybercriminals, significantly reduce the risk of be the victim of a harmful or deadly attack for the organization.

An ethical hacker is guided by the interests and good of the company, whose IT infrastructure must be strengthened.

Starting his work, this hacker scrupulously checks all the possible ways that a real attacker could use and also learns the methods from him.

Its activities include reconnaissance, searching for information about the target of an attack, identification of target systems and applications, analysis and enumeration of vulnerabilities.

ethical hackers also attack web servers and applications, break into wireless networks, hack mobile platforms and applications, and bypass security devices.

Ethical Hacking Certificate: very important and useful

This qualification is authorized by the International Organization responsible for professional standards in electronic commerce and computer security.

Obtaining this certificate confirms the skills and knowledge of the ethical hacker for any organization and the area of ​​cybersecurity, and constitutes a formal certificate with highly valued qualifications.

New Profession: Ethical Hacking

Companies use cybercriminal methods to better protect themselves and therefore regularly hire ethical hackers< /b>. It is that an experienced hacker has the skills and knows very well the operating methods of cyber criminals.

If a company is authorized to use a security network and improve systems by fixing vulnerabilities found during testing, it must also disclose any security deficiencies it detects.

Cybersecurity: one of the most important issues of our time

The cybersecurity and protection against hacker attacks, are increasingly pressing issues that concern not only companies, but also entire countries and international organizations.

Cybercriminals have many ways to compromise information systems, steal data and hijack organizational resources; therefore, they look for weaknesses and gaps in the existing software to use them to meet their objectives.

The effects of the attacks carried out can be very dangerous for companies and, in extreme cases, irreparable!

What is at stake in this case is not only the resources, knowledge and capital exposed to interception by criminals, but also reputation.

It is that each crisis weakens the trust of customers and business partners, who undoubtedly need to be confident in that brand.

Hire an ex-cyber criminal

Some companies choose to hire hackers who have a proven track record of criminal activity It may seem risky, but their practical experience is very valuable.

The hiring of an ex-cyber criminal should be carefully considered, so that you really have a chance to generate real benefits.


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