This portal is dedicated to science and technology, focused on their educational use and enjoyment as a family. The blog contains a multitude of articles aimed at awakening the curiosity of children and adults about these subjects with a fun and educational perspective. The products that you can find in the store will help you deepen this vision of science and technology, thanks to the variety of educational technological articles available.

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Educational robotics

Educational robotics is a discipline that is based on the use of robots and other electronic components to enhance the development of capacities, aptitudes and very important skills for children. These include creativity, the ability to learn through experimentation, the ability to work in a team and the reinforcement of discipline and commitment. It also encourages the development of skills directly related to scientific and technological training , such as understanding of programming languages ​​ or the stimulation of mathematical thinking .

Robotics for children can be a playful alternative to the classical educational process, so that the student becomes the protagonist of a game while working on the development of these skills.

Assembling robots using assembly kits allows children to acquire knowledge in engineering , assembling the mechanical parts, electronic components, clamping parts, etc .; e computing , managing (or designing) the necessary software for the robot to execute the corresponding orders.

Educational games

The educational game is another educational resource used in the classroom to facilitate learning with the little ones. Children learn better and faster if they do it while having fun in a relaxed environment.

Educational games help students internalize skills that are very important for their personal training, such as the ability to empathize , their assertiveness , their ability to face responsibilities and adverse situations or the ability to work in a team , cooperating to solve problems and enabling communication channels with the people with whom they interact.

Playing as a family is a very important practice because, in addition to the skills described above, children can work on other basic skills for their personal development, such as respect and discipline or learning to recognize and express emotions , while strengthening family ties.

Games of a scientific nature < / p>

This category includes games that can be used to awaken the curiosity of children and even Ñ ​​by scientific disciplines such as paleontology (with games to excavate and articulate skeletons of all kinds of dinosaurs), biology, geology, anatomy or chemistry .

Construction games

In addition to the classics Lego , with a wide variety of formats, themes and sizes, in this section you can find engineering games in which metal pieces with different geometric shapes are assembled. This type of game improves children's spatial vision and helps them understand very useful mathematical principles for their training.


Assembling puzzles is an activity fun and recommended for all ages due to the important benefits it brings at psychological, cognitive and emotional level. It helps the little ones to develop their spatial vision, to practice the pincer grip and to improve hand-eye coordination. From the age of 5 or 6, doing puzzles improves perceptual reasoning, the acquisition of mathematical concepts, the ability to solve problems, visual memory, concentration, as well as their spatial intelligence.

But Not only benefits children, adults can help us to enhance concentration, creativity, stimulate our ability to relax and manage stress and, if we do it in a group, our ability to work as a team.


Chess is a game that brings great benefits to the education and personal development of children For this reason, more and more regulated education centers are including chess among the subjects they teach. This educational aspect of chess focuses on the cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral benefits that students who practice it receive.

In addition, numerous studies show that playing chess helps raise the IQ, prevents Alzheimer's, stimulates analysis skills, and encourages creativity and memory . It is a fun game that anyone can practice, regardless of age or intellectual level.


In the category Of various electronics we can find a great diversity of technological items , such as mobile phones (with all kinds of accessories), digital cameras (also with all the accessories we may need), surveillance video cameras and IP cameras, cordless phones landline, tablets (with their corresponding accessories), smart watches, virtual reality glasses, computers, drones, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic accessories.


In the Humor section of Jaun you will find the funniest articles, such as spinners , all kinds of costumes , for both children and adults, and joke articles.

On the blog you can find articles that explain concepts from various fields of science in a different way. endida and looking for a fun approach. You can, for example, carry out physics and chemistry experiments for children that teach us how to make a volcano, blow up balloons without blowing, make invisible ink, create jumping eggs, make a liquid rainbow in a glass or build a mini water source, as well as interesting experiments on the refraction of light or magnetism. This way of playing experimenting arouses the child's curiosity and helps him to assimilate physical and mathematical concepts while having fun.

You can also find tutorials to make homemade robots for children, fun educational toys and informative articles on ecology, values ​​education, scientific ephemeris and different pedagogical tools.

At Jaun Science we want to offer content and products that help adults and children to understand science through play and experimentation. Our goal is to give you tools that can facilitate the contact of children with technology, so that they lose their fear and enjoy everything it can offer them. You have here a host of mothers and fathers concerned about the education of their children resources to share time with the little ones and see how they develop their skills while having fun.